The Parish of Kelbrook extends along the A65 aproximatly from the border of Earby & Sough thorough to the Old Stone Trough Inn. Covering the Villages of Sough & Kelbrook and out lying farms. 

Kelbrook is an ancient village documented in the doomsday book. It nestles in a valley surrounded by hills and has a brook running through its centre.   

In ancient times the village was called Chelbroc. The area is still mainly rural although in the early 20th century various shops filled the village including butchers, hatters, general store, post office and café. Most of the shops have now gone due to transportation and supermarkets in nearby towns. There now remains a village inn with accommodation and restaurant named The Craven Heifer, a fish and chip shop and a garage and general store.

The church was built in 1839 before this time people would have to travel to Thornton for a Church of
England place of Worship. The Church was named St. Mary the Virgin, it is of castle like appearance and contains a beautiful clock made by the famous Cooks of York, which like a mini Big Ben has four faces.  The Church holds around 120 worshippers at one time and has a balcony.  It is at the heart of the village opposite the beck. 


The village has approximatly2,000 inhabitants mainly located in the older cottage style properties.  On the outskirts of  the village is a more modern estate, there are also around 20 council houses.  

The village school is very well populated now and an extension was built in the nineties to accommodate children from other areas.  Although at one time only local children attended and class size would be around eight children.  Nowadays there are six classes of twenty plus children.

There is a village hall which is now run by volunteers although at one time the church owned the building but because of 
lack of funding had to let go of it early this decade.  The village hall now has many activities including: dancing, badminton, toddler groups, art classes, luncheon club. It has a new annexe and is rented out for parties and large group meetings.

The village has a new children’s nursery which holds around 60 children with plenty of activities in and out.
All in all, the village now bustles with activity yet retains a rural peaceful atmosphere.