FAQ’s about St. Mary’s

Can I get my child baptised at St. Mary’s?  Yes Baptism is for anyone at any age but often people like to bring young children to start their faith journey as members of God’s church. 

Do I have to live in the area for my child to be baptised at St. Mary’s? No, you do not need to live in the area. However it’s best to start a contact with your local church so that you don’t have as far to travel when you come to church.

How much does a Baptism cost? Nothing, there is no cost for baptism’s, God’s grace is free.  However, it does cost £400 a week to keep the church going so we would welcome donations. 

What’s the difference between a Baptism and a Christening?  None.  Christening describes taking the name of Christ as our own – declaring that we are Christians.  Baptism is the act of taking the plunge of faith in the waters of baptism.  (We only use a symbolic amount of water).

What’s a Thanksgiving service? For those who are not yet ready to publicly declare their faith and walk with others on the Way of Christ we offer a Thanksgiving service.  This is about saying thank you to God for the safe arrival of a baby and asking God’s blessing upon them.

What if I’m a bit older and want to declare my faith? We expect children who are baptised will grow up to make their own commitment to Christ at Confirmation.  This service is open to those who want to make a public declaration of faith for themselves.

Can I get married at St. Mary’s? 

The qualification for marriage at St. Mary’s is either residence in the Parish or a long term link with the church yourself or through relatives. You do not have to have been baptised or attend a church, (although we think that’s a cracking good idea). 

What if I have been married before? 

We believe in a God of new beginnings.  So the Vicar will talk with you about the past to make sure that the new marriage will have the chance to flourish.

How much does a marriage at St. Mary’s cost? 

Currently the fee is £541.  Bells are £30 extra and banns may need to be published in another parish which is £34.  These fees go up a bit each year, roughly in line with inflation.

How do I book a date? Contact the vicar, Hugh, on 01282 844877 or hugh@fielden.me.uk and look at diaries. We will do our very best to make sure you get married on the date of your dreams but it does depend on whether there’s another wedding already booked and the availability of the vicar.  To avoid disappointment we’d recommend you talk about dates to the vicar before making a firm booking with your venue.  It’s sensible to get at least two possible dates from your venue – just in case we’re already booked.

What happens then? You meet with the vicar, fill in a banns form and talk about how to tailor the marriage service to suit you. No two weddings at St. Mary’s are ever the same. You then meet again with the vicar to sort out details and set a date for the rehearsal!

Can I reserve a place in the graveyard at St. Mary’s? There are places left in the graveyard but we do not reserve them.  There is also an area for the burial of ashes.

Can I take the bread and wine at a Communion service? We believe that the Lord’s supper is open to anyone who wants to know Christ better.  We offer nurture and Confirmation classes when people are ready for the next step.

What is Communion before Confirmation? We welcome children as young as 8 to have the bread and wine and if they want to receive regularly we offer them a fun morning to explore what it means to help them grow in faith.

Can I come to St. Mary’s? Yes. We are all invited to be part of the Lord’s family.  We are not perfect but we are faithful and would love your company on the faith adventure Jesus takes us on together.